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Our Story

Hello! My name is Becca, and I am the proud owner of Caprine Cosmetics. As a mother of four, homeschooling my children, managing household chores, and maintaining a positive and healthy relationship with my husband, life can sometimes feel overwhelming. This stress often showed on my face, and I have always struggled with dry and sensitive skin.

I manage my family’s hobby farm, which involves taking care of various animals like goats, chickens, ducks, geese and honey bees. Every morning, I wake up early to milk the goats and tend to the needs of the other animals. A while back, we bought a couple of pregnant goats who later gave birth to adorable baby goats. It was during this time that I discovered the incredible benefits of goat milk. As we cared for the baby goats as a family hobby, I stumbled upon the magic of goat milk almost by accident. One day, while sitting and reflecting on our experiences, a thought occurred to me: since we have access to goat milk, why not harness its potential for skincare products? I knew that goat milk had been used as a natural remedy for sensitive skin for centuries. Its miraculous properties include anti-aging benefits and its rich nutritional content that can soothe various skin problems.

Motivated by this idea, I delved into the world of utilizing goat milk to address my own skin concerns. I began researching and formulating a blend of ingredients to create skincare products that would harness the nutritional properties of goat milk. After making a few batches, I wasn’t sure if they were good enough. But I decided to give them away to family and friends to sample. The feedback I received exceeded my expectations. It was evident that goat milk was an excellent choice as it is super soothing, and its antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties can be beneficial for all skin types. That’s when we knew we had something special, and Caprine Cosmetics was born.